The Crazy African Man Chased By Chinese Landlord With Knife

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    Andy from Africa, living in China for work/studies had an unfriendly visit from his Landlord one evening.

    confused-black-dude.jpg confused-black-dude.jpg confused-black-dude.jpg

    The landlord was led to believe that Andy had slept with his wife.

    He immediately went to slam on his door to get an explanation from Andy.


    Andy couldn't understand any Chinese.

    Landlord got frustrated and sliced Andy several times after chasing him through the apartment.

    Couple slices to the head, neck, arm and other parts.

    The landlord is now in a psychiatric hospital due to schizophrenia that has effected him for nearly 10 years.

    Neighbors report that this landlord has made it into a hobby to chase people with knives.

    From the EdNewsChina

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