GTFO Chinese Baby Found in Toilet’s Sewage Drain Pipe

Discussion in 'China News' started by whatnot, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Police have reported this as an "Accident"

    Girl gets knocked up, afraid to tell parents, so hides it.

    Couldn't afford an abortion.

    Baby prematurely comes sliding out as she is squatting over the toilet (the hole in the floor) hole_in_floor.jpg .


    Some how slides down the tubes.


    She immediately goes to landlord and says "fan dong, maybe a baby in toilet?"

    For two days she remains quiet and doesn't step forward to claim responsibility.

    Luckily the baby was saved and will survive.


    While the police have reported this as an accident.

    I think we all here are thinking the same thing, that she is GUIILTY.


    From China Smack

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