The Crazy Suicidal Mom Cuts Sons Throat

Discussion in 'China News' started by whatnot, Jun 6, 2013.

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    From my understanding, the mother (age 34) was depressed, constantly had minor episodes (arguments) over minor issues.

    Finally the husband had enough and divorced her in 2010.

    One day she lost it, took the kid out of school early and went on a suicide rampage.

    She tried killing herself, but first the son tried stopping her.

    She cut her son's throat and proceeded with her own.


    They were both rushed to the hospital and were fortunately saved.

    This was the knife used.


    From China Smack
  2. whatnot Almost Retired

    Just goes to show you, you ought to be careful when choosing a girlfriend or wife.

    Her history can effect your relationship.

    Normally here in the states, girls with any kind of trauma can over come through the use of therapy or talking out with some good friends.

    Although from my 7+ years experience in China. The Chinese girls never heard of therapy and just remain dangerous!

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